CAPE: Class #7 12/5/18

Here are the lecture decks for the last class in this social media best practices course.

7.0-SocPro-Learning from Observation

7.1-SocPro-DigiComm Planning, Why Plan

7.2-SocPro-Elements of the Plan

7.3-SocPro-Situation, Objectives, Publics, Messages



CAPE: Class #6 10/29/18

Here is the lecture deck for Class #6. We will also handle questions in class.

6.0 SocPro-Content Marketing


CAPE: Class #5 10/22/18

Here are the lecture decks for today’s class.

5.0-social-blogging & some writing

5.1 SocPro-Listening

CAPE: Class #4 10/15/18

Here are the lecture decks for class #4.

4.0 SocPro-Web Development Process

4.1 SocPro-Email CAN-SPAM Rules

4.2-Social-Email Best Practices


CAPE: Class #3 10/1/18

Here are the lecture decks for Monday’s class.


3.1-SocPro-Measurement & Analytics


CAPE: Class #2 9/24/18

Class #2 is the “Voices of Social Media” — a rundown of each major channel.

NOTE: This pdf is large, so prepare for a long download.

2.0-SocPro-Voices of Social Media



CAPE: Class #1 9/17/18

Here are the lecture decks for the first class.

1.0 SocPro-Welcome-Tribes-Generations

1.1-SocPro-Digital Diamond

Meadows Advanced Workshop

Here is the deck for the advanced social media workshop.

2.0-MEADOWS-Advanced SoMe


Class Schedule, Meadows Training

Here is the training class schedule:

MEADOWS Training SCHEDULE 12:13-15:16